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Welcome, there’s a pandemic happening and it’s scary to cross borders right now.

About The Blog

You don’t have to spend thousands or go overseas to get a good vacation! This blog is about my personal excursions across the Midwest states of the USA, and hopefully trips even further from my home as time goes on. My hope is that some of my ideas can pass on to you so that you don’t have to constantly daydream about going somewhere like I used to! For now, I’m traveling solo so I will also talk about what things look like for any solo traveler out there. After every trip, I will discuss logistics: finances, time, environmental knowledge, and the overall difficulty of putting the trip together. There are well-known and lesser known destinations out there, and I intend to grow and develop a life collage of them.


  • Arkansas – Peaks of the Northwest

    November 19, 2019 by

    Overview Step out of the safe confines of that hot springs village that Arkansas is overwhelmingly known for and into the bold, entrancing forests and mountains of what is THE Natural State. My final expedition of the year culminates in the most breathtaking views of what has come the closest to being my *dream* trip.… Read more

  • Great River Road – Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin

    October 14, 2019 by

    Overview Multiple destinations, three states, lots of fall color, and a drive that will make me enjoy spending so much time on the road. The Great River Road is a 2300+ mile multi-state route that runs along the Mississippi River all the way from the far northern reaches of Minnesota down to the southern coast… Read more

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About Me

My name is Ran Chen. I’m the quiet person in the group that is constantly solving problems, contemplating ideas, and processing information from my surrounding friends and environment everywhere I am. I only recently discovered my growing interest in solo traveling and the excitement in moving around my homebody self. My other interests all revolve around moving my mind as much as my body; I’m a fervent gamer, and chess is a long time favorite of mine (you can find me on the USCF website too).